Bison Made Wallets

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Bison is known for their handmade leather products, ranging from wallets to razor strop. Without researching the background of where this brand came from, one’s able to sense its Western influence, simplicity, premium goods and craftsmanship. I have been following their social feed, so it was a pleasure to finally stopped in their booth at this past Liberty Fairs trade show in Las Vegas.

Sure enough, there was this man hand stitching on the spot as we browsed through their collection. Without machinery, he effortlessly hooked his needle and stitch away to finish up a wallet. The contrast outer stitching of the wallets gives a rugged look and feel. That handcrafted feel. Then those card slots, curved and sloped looking details, it’s unique. I also noticed that there’s no use of glue, lining and other type of binding materials. Back to the simplicity point I mentioned earlier.

Overall, I want to have that appeal whenever pulling my wallet out of my back pocket to pick up a tab. This sure gives me that. Even better, the leather itself will just get better with age.

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Photography by @stevecarrillo and @bleu_de_chanel