Vegas Show Week Feb 2015: Liberty Fairs, Project & The Tents

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This season, we had the privilege to walk with a mentor of ours, a master cobbler, an extended member of the VM family, none other than Greenwich Vintage very own Tamas ‘Zen’ Pomazi. This man recycles, repurposes and customizes wingtips, boots and chukkas with his signature in-house colored soles. His knowledge of vintage pieces, street art and life wisdom in general is a blessing just to be around.

As we walked the shows, here are some of the highlight we came across. From hand stitching leather wallet on-site with Bison Made to talking vintage and heritage designs with Kenny Thomas of Todd Snyder. From experimenting with contemporary cuts and design by Misanthrope to sharing stories about Goro’s and Chimayo with Marcus Troy. The 2-days time filled with valuable insights and inspirations for us to come home with. This season feels a little bit different, enough to get us back on the drawing board and get more creative with our own original design and production.

Photos by Steve Carrillo